Welcome to 2020

2020 is finally here. The start of a decade.

We at The SeanShona Foundation welcome you to 2020 where when there is a will, there is always a way .

We want to thank our partners for their support and looking forward to creating a bigger milestone.

Our target for this year is Youth Engagement.

We are all used to the word empowerment, but very little is said and emphasized on engagement. Here, our target is to engage the youth in various ways which cut across all spheres.

We are starting with the following:

  1. Sports
  2. Skill Acquisition
  3. Social Gatherings

Under Sport, the focus here is Football. Research has shown 95% of the youth aged 18-40 is somehow a fan of a football team in Europe with a regular  and massive viewership of these top-flight games. While some engage in football conversation that sometimes lasts for long without any sort of economic productivity. Some take this out on the field of play.

The high rate of unemployment in the country has rendered most of these youth (mostly university graduates) idle, hence take to different negative vice for fun or to make ends meet.

This unfortunate social and economic state gave birth to this project. We plan to engage the youth by organizing football competition within the area thrice a year.

The competition comprises of various teams placed in groups. They play until we get two finalists to compete for the grand prize.

Under Skill acquisition, we will be engaging our youth through craftsmanship training.

We will be starting with beauty therapy training/customer service training and Disc Jockey training.

Like the Sports engagement, this will be done thrice a year.


Under Social gatherings, we will be engaging our youths, through creating social events, shows and free empowerment conferences, where their views will be; in turn, motivate and educate them through various career paths.


The above-mentioned Projects are our goal for the year.  We would also want to extend our gift aid project to schools and hospitals this year. We believe this is the start of bigger milestones to be achieved when we work together.

Once again, thank you and welcome to 20-to win!




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